The Coffee Brick


Construction (and coffee waste) made sustainable.

When I joined advertising, I knew that I wanted to go beyond just selling products. It should be about brands giving back to those who built their names.
Coffee grounds are 28x a worse pollutant than CO2, and we throw out 18M tons of them every year. So, we turned Nespresso's waste into an eco-friendly brick that give back & help their farmer communities.

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2x Young Ones ADC 2023 Merit
New York Festivals 2023 Finalist
Communication Arts Advertising Competition 2023 Winner
Applied Arts Student Awards 2023 Winner
The Drum Chip Shop Awards 2023 Finalist
The International ANDY Awards 2023 Shortlist
Highlighted Work in Ads of the World
Featured on Roastbrief

Made at Miami Ad School Europe, Toronto, and Madrid
Art Directors: Sarah Bahsali, Marie Scherpe
Copywriter: Rafter Manguiat
Concept, Copy