Bounce Back Box Set


Making stroke rehab affordable, accessible, and delicious

This piece was inspired my late grandpa's story. He survived stroke, yet succumbed to complications years after due to lack of affordable therapy facilities. Our family saw him lose motivation and hope as each day went by. So, here's to making stroke rehab accessible!
Stroke rehab is expensive and skipping a day without it can put a survivor's health at risk. Barilla noticed that every pasta shape requires its own unique set of motor skills—the same ones retrained during therapy. So, we created a pasta box set that serves as a motor skill retraining program.

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Applied Arts Student Awards 2023 Winner
The Drum Chip Shop Awards 2023 Finalist
Creative Conscience Awards 2023 Bronze

Made at Miami Ad School Europe, Toronto, and Madrid
Art Directors: Marie Scherpe, Sarah Bahsali
Copywriter: Rafter Manguiat
Role: Concept, Copy