Breakup Insurance

Golden Award of Montreux 2023 Finalist, Selected & Presented at ADC Europe High Potentials 2023, Highlighted & Featured in Ads of the World

Imagine this: Last month, you booked a holiday trip with your boo but end up breaking up with them today. And because you chose that 'cheap' non-refundable trip, you only get two choices: still travel together OR don't go & waste the money spent.

Well, now there's a third option: the Breakup Insurance. Secure your travel funds and save yourself from heartbreak.

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Made at Miami Ad School Europe

Mentor: Sudarshan Waghmare
Art Director: Madalena Marques
Copywriter: Rafter Manguiat

Production Head: Madalena Marques
Scriptwriter: Rafter Manguiat
Director: Lisa Glonti
Casting Director: Rafter Manguiat
Camera, Set, & Editing Assistant: Taylor Henderson
Camera Operation: Selina Coorens
Production Assistant: Riona S Roy
Location & Set Design: Chand Anam, Marika Didmanidze
Head Stylist: Katie Eugster
Styling Assistant: Yuna Lee
Editor: Madalena Marques
Color Grading: Madalena Marques
Score Composer: Yani Gabriel
Sound Designer: Madalena Marques
Animation, Sound Design, & Editing Assistant: Ana Marta Mendes
Role: Concept, Copy, Scriptwriting, Casting